Know Your Trading Profile

The purpose of the following questions are designed to help you assess aspects of your personality that are related to the kinds of trading approaches that are likely to work for you. The questions are not designed to evaluate your emotional stability or mental health. The objective of this exercise is to find out your personal style, so that you can match it to your trading style. Hence, there are no right or wrong answers. Each item consists of two statements. Please choose the statement that best describes you.

This test was developed by Reynaldo Soriano, author of “Why You Could Be Destined To Fail In Trading and How You Can Avoid It!: The Path of a Champion” and high performance coach.

Question 1
1a) I tend to be meticulous and get each aspect of a job done as well as I can. Yes
1b) I focus on the big picture instead of details and don’t look at the small aspects of a job. Yes
Question 2
2a) If you could hear the thoughts in my head as I’m trading, you’d hear negative thoughts. Yes
2b) If you could hear the thoughts in my head as I’m trading, you’d hear me analyzing the market action. Yes
Question 3
3a) I would choose a car that is comfortable and quiet. Yes
3b) I would choose a car that is fast and handles well. Yes
Question 4
4a) I arrive early for appointments and events to make sure I’m not late. Yes
4b) I often show up late to appointments and events and not very time-oriented. Yes
Question 5
5a) I first feel frustrated and vent my feelings either outwardly or at myself when a problem occurs in my trading. Yes
5b) I first focus on what went wrong and what I can do to fix it when a problem occurs in my trading. Yes
Question 6
6a) I generally go to my favorite restaurants and order my favorite foods when I go out to eat. Yes
6b) I like to try new and unfamiliar restaurants and foods when I go out to eat. Yes
Question 7
7a) I eat healthy foods and get a good amount of exercise and rest. Yes
7b) I’m very busy and don’t always eat, exercise, and sleep as I should. Yes
Question 8
8a) I trade by my gut or intuition. Yes
8b) I trade with my head. Yes
Question 9
9a) I avoid arguments and conflict. Yes
9b) I like stating and asserting my opinions and hash things out. Yes
Question 10
10a) I would be good at following an exercise or diet program. Yes
10b) I would sometimes cheat on an exercise or diet program. Yes
Question 11
11a) It is hard for me to handle setbacks in the market. Yes
11b) I take market setbacks as a cost of doing business. Yes
Question 12
12a) I like vacations that are peaceful and relaxing. Yes
12b) I like vacations where you see and do a lot of different things. Yes
Question 13
13a) I get routine maintenance done on my car when it is scheduled. Yes
13b) I don’t follow scheduled routine maintenance on my car. Yes
Question 14
14a) When I start winning, I feel on top of the world in the market; when I lose, I’m down or down on myself. Yes
14b) I don’t have many emotional ups or downs in the market. Yes
Question 15
15a) I would like a job with a stable company that pays a guaranteed salary and benefits, even if I might not get rich. Yes
15b) I would like a job with a startup company that offers me a chance to get rich, even if I might get laid off if things don’t work out. Yes
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4 comments on “Know Your Trading Profile
  1. lisa schiffman says:

    Interesting perspective, for sure. Thank you for giving me access to the test.

  2. songling says:

    nice conclusion.

  3. Cinthol Vinod says:

    Excellent one, got a chance to realize where I am.