Darb Capital Investments Inc is the home for traders who are learning to trade without loosing sanity. Here you can read about our journey, the process we went thru, learning to trade. We also document about how we got sucked into the vortex of greed and fear and how we reclaimed our emotional balance.

The EOD analysis section will outline how we prepare for next trading day. What to look for in terms of Support and Resistance, Single Print Zones, Value Areas, Minus Development etc to derive the possible direction and bias for next day. This is a forum for exchanging ideas for the next day with fellow traders.

We are sharing our experience so that individuals who aspire to be a trader  some day may benefit from our experience. We hope the knowledge we share here will help you in your own journey to be a trader.

Good Luck



The opinions expressed in this site are just that and not trading or financial advice of any sort.  This opinions expressed here may change at any time without notice.  Please enter and read at your own risk.

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